Giovani Mesa and the best books for aspiring lawyers

The legal system is complex and always changing, which is why it is extremely important that lawyers are continuously updating their knowledge. As an aspiring lawyer, it is important that you look for multiple avenues to learn, instead of just relying on your professors or textbooks. As an international business and real estate attorney, Giovani Mesa has found that a great way to assist you in understanding the legal system’s past, present, and future practices by reading up on cases and other lawyers. Giovani recommends these books to aspiring lawyers.

The Young Lawyer’s Jungle Book: A Survival Guide (2nd Edition)
After the completion of law school, the realities of a lawyer await you. This book will guide you through the first year of becoming a lawyer. You will understand how to effectively research, develop strong relationships with your superiors, organize your workload and carry yourself in the workplace. Furthermore, the author shares some wisdom from his personal experience. After reading this book, Giovani Mesa says aspiring lawyers should know what to expect from the legal system.

The New Lawyer’s Handbook
As a recent law graduate, there will be a number of skills you will need in the workplace. Communication between your clients and other workers will be one of the most important skills, says Giovani Mesa. One of the focuses of this book are building relationships and how to relate with law associates. Life as a lawyer is fast-paced, especially when you are employed by a large firm. However, this book will help you navigate through the demanding lifestyle of a lawyer.

Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?
Harvard University professor, Michael. J Sander engages his readers with an insight into the politics that surround the legal system. The morality of subjects such as abortion, same-sex marriage and physician-assisted suicide are all discussed in this book. Aspiring lawyers looking for a captivating, yet informative book will not be disappointed!

The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law
Mark Hermann walks you through the life of a private lawyer in this amusing book. Aspiring lawyers that are curious about the intricacies of a lawyer such as dress code, personality traits and research strategies will be satisfied with Hermann’s entertaining book. Readers will enjoy the honest advice shared by an experienced law professional.  

Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer
Michael Mansfield, QC, has the reputation of Britain’s most high profile defence lawyer. Mansfield’s experience in this book involves an array of high profile cases, and the controversies that surround them. This book will give readers a thrilling insight into the English legal system, along with the lifestyle of a veteran lawyer.

Giovani Mesa recommends these books for aspiring lawyers that want to expose their minds to more than what they know. There are several other books available but these recommendations are sure to excite, inform and bring wisdom to its readers.


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