Giovani Mesa on Time Management Tips for Lawyers

Often the busy schedules of law students and full-time lawyers make it extremely difficult to follow successful time management practices. Whether you’re trying to stand out from your classmates and achieve straight A’s, or juggling multiple demanding clients at once, you must develop a fool proof way of managing your time. A lack of time management can be the reason for procrastination and incomplete or low quality work.

Giovani Mesa is a law associate operating in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area, with several years of experience in business law. Giovani depends on his well developed time management skills to ensure he dedicates a generous amount of time to each of his clients, as well as crucial tasks that help with the smooth operation of his law office. Here, Giovani Mesa provides his time management tips that he guarantees will help all lawyers:

Giovani Mesa on Prioritizing Tasks

Being able to decide which tasks require more time than others will save you a lot of time and stress. Lawyers will have to delegate more time to particular clients and tasks than others. At times, certain tasks will take longer to complete but are worth it because they lead to a more favorable outcome for your client. It is vital that you start your week understanding which tasks need more time than others. Creating a schedule with detailed notes and instructions regarding how to proceed with tasks will be of great help, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed and need some guidance. A schedule can also include appointment times for clients, along with a short to-do list. Schedules can be as simple as a word document or a brief digital sketch on an iPad. When you make schedules at the beginning of the week, you get this task out of the way and focus on other responsibilities.

Keep Your Focus

It is easy to get sidetracked during any moment of the day. Phone calls, texts and social media can become major distractions, whether your studying for exams or working on a client’s case. Staying focused on your tasks will ensure you have a productive day. As a lawyer, you are wasting your clients’ time and money when you procrastinate. Keeping your focus will give you a good reputation and leave your clients happy. To do so, put your cell phone away or even turn it off for a few hours in the morning. There are various apps to help you stop your smartphone addiction, such as Offtime, Moment, and BreakFree. If you have a serious addiction, Giovani Mesa recommends downloading one of these apps ASAP.


Get An Early Start

If you are easily distracted by others talking or surrounding you, it’s a good idea to come to the office or library early in the morning. Be the first one to arrive and take advantage of the absence of noise. Start by working on your most pressing work and you will feel incredibly accomplished. Alternatively, if you feel like you are too antsy in the mornings, try fitting in an early morning workout.

Ask For Help

Lawyers are often overwhelmed by the large pile of work mounting on their desk, as well as the looming deadlines. Reaching out to other professionals and administrative associates for assistance, guidance, or some advice will take some stress off of your shoulders. If you’re a law student, Giovani Mesa recommends reaching out to teaching assistants or starting a study group. When you work as a team, whether you’re coworkers or classmates, everyone wins. You don’t have to feel like it’s you against the world!


Just like any other professional, lawyers can never be too busy to plan. Keeping organized will give you confidence in your abilities. Giovani Mesa keeps his work organized, and can work more efficiently because of it.  Managing your time will do the same for you, and ensure that your business runs steadily.

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