Giovani Mesa and five tips for law school graduates

As a law school graduate, you are almost qualified to practice law. However, a law degree does not guarantee you are prepared for a law career, or will have a successful one. Giovani Mesa is a successful attorney practicing international business and real estate law in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area. He has experienced the competitive nature of the job hunt and emerged with a successful career. Now he is working to help others stand out from the crowd and land their dream job. The following is a list of Giovani’s five essential tips to help law school graduates with their careers.

Giovani Mesa on planning your career
Whether you began planning your law career during or after the completion of your studies, planning is a vital step. Law school graduates will have their own agendas concerning their careers. It is essential to understand what you want out of a career in law, and how to achieve it. Write out a career map including individuals and companies you want to work with. This will help guide and prepare you for a career in law. Furthermore, there are several types of law careers, and understanding which type of law you want to pursue will help strategize your efforts,

Follow relevant news and industry trends
Keeping updated with current news and practices is important for your own knowledge, as well as showing potential employers how strong your dedication is to the field. Academic and extracurricular skills are not the only tools that will help you. A career in law will be demanding, and you must know about what has happened, and what is happening in your specialized field. Being able to discuss high profile cases, along with breaking news will help you better serve your clients. Giovani Mesa recommends attending industry events, connecting with other law graduates and reading articles for useful information about the law industry.

Connect with law professionals
You will learn a lot of key information when speaking with professionals. Reaching out to lawyers, paralegals, interns and experts working in the law industry can open up a world of opportunity for you. Lawyers with years of experience have a lot of details that will benefit you greatly and help guide your career path. Professionals are more than willing to share what they know, says Giovani Mesa, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice. However, you must make the effort to connect with them.

Volunteer with community organizations
There will be always be opportunities to volunteer and sharpen your skills. While you are trying to kick start your law career, you can use your skills to help non-profit organizations. This will keep you busy and it can open up a network of useful contacts to you. Law firms and businesses will appreciate your productivity and dedication during your spare time.

Reach out to law firms
Law firms will be aware of recent law graduates and have opportunities prepared for the right candidates. Giovani Mesa recommends researching law firms in your area to find job opportunities. If you do not meet the requirements, reach out to the firm and introduce yourself. Explain your talents, education and what you’re interested in doing. They might have a role for you, or perhaps they will keep your resume on file for when another position opens up. Reaching out to law firms will show your initiative and eagerness to work as a law professional.

A career in law will have many expectations, and it is essential they are met. Giovani Mesa knows that clients will only want the best to legally represent them. Following these tips will ensure you are prepared for a successful career in law.

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